Steam Lance

Art.Nr. 120739V1/120749V1 and TH12733/TH12743

One of your most important tools when cleaning with Thermostar is the steam lance. You can quickly and easily clean, disinfect or remove dust from the surfaces using the lance. Simply steam over them with the nozzle and then wipe with a microfibre cloth. With the steam lance, you can also clean hard-to-reach places without any problems.

The steam jet removes the dirt from the base due to the high pressure and the surfaces are cleaned pore-deep. Ensure not to use the highest steam level right away. It is better to get closest to the material because the pressure and temperature are much higher right at the nozzle.

The two different colours of this tool are meant to be used for better hygiene - for example, you can always clean the toilet with the red steam lance and you can use the black one in the kitchen.

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