Extractor hood

When cooking, greasy vapors and unpleasant smells rise, which primarily collect directly in the filter of the extractor hood. This contamination can affect the longterm service life of the device after a while. In addition, heavy contamination in the filters represents a fire risk. You should therefore regularly clean the extractor hood from the outside as well as from the inside. With the Thermostar dry steam cleaner, these fat deposits can be thoroughly removed. Advantage: You not only clean the device easily and hygienically with water, but you opt for an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical cleaning agents.

Cleaning the dirty extractor hood: how it works

Clean the extractor hood from the outside and inside

The surfaces of an extractor hood mainly consist of stainless steel or aluminum and therefore have to be maintained differently. It is important to avoid using pointed objects or the hard side of a sponge. In particular, cleaning with chemical agents or well-known household remedies, which supposedly promise flawless cleaning, is sometimes time-consuming and strenuous. In addition, these agents can leave unsightly scratches on the surfaces. With a dry steam cleaner, you can quickly and efficiently remove dirt from the surfaces – without chemicals. Use the steam lance on the extractor hood and then wipe with a microfiber cloth . If the surfaces are adequately cleaned, you can also clean the corners with a small nylon brush. The powerful jet of the dry steam cleaner easily reaches the grease, even in the smallest gaps. 

Cleaning metal grease filters with steam

Regardless of whether it is an extractor or recirculated air extractor hood: both versions have a grease filter. This is usually made of fine-mesh metal. The extractor hood can only work optimally if this filter is cleaned regularly. Use the steam lance to clean the grease filter. Simply blow through the filter with maximum steam. The closer the nozzle is to the metal filter, the better the end result. This means that you can really remove stubborn grease without leaving any residue. Then it is clean and hygienically pure again

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