Dry Steam Advantages

Dry steam: 
Hygienic cleanliness and maximum protection for your textiles

Thermostar Dry steam system: thanks to its Thermostar technology, the steam is heated up in the boiler before the cleaning to up to 174 °C. One of the biggest advantages compared with a customary steam cleaner: the steam produced through the high temperature is very dry and is also suited very well for the cleaning of textiles, like beds, carpets and upholstered furniture. The textiles do not become wet, cannot burn and no moisture stains stay behind. Also, the impregnation is preserved in spite of the application of the steam cleaner. One also receives a deep cleaning that greatly reduces the number of mites, which is very practical, above all for allergy sufferers and their health.

The Thermostar heating elements with 28W/cm2, in contrast to the standard heating elements (approx. 7W/cm2), exhibit a much better productivity. The heating element itself is not in direct contact with the water. It is sheathed with a special alloy and therefore has maximum heat performance. Another feature of the Thermostar heating element is that it expands with rising temperature. This has the result that the limescale coating formed on the heating element drops off. We can call our heating element “self decalcifying”. Moreover, a longer service life can thereby be achieved. The Thermostar steam boiler guarantees simple replacement of the heating element. Thus not the entire steam boiler must be replaced in case of a possible defect.

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Through the use of the high temperature, the Thermostar dry steam cleaner manages to kill germs and bacteria, to remove greases easily and simply and to clean rough as well as smooth surfaces hygienically. The selection of which cleaning product is suitable or not is therefore obsolete. The cleaning is done only through water vapour thanks to the steam cleaner. You need no chemicals, no cleaning products, and you clean in a cheap, healthy and environmentally-friendly way!

Let us look again at
the advantages:

  • Germs and bacteria are killed
  • Grease stains are removed
  • Fabrics, rough and smooth surfaces are pore-deep cleaned
  • Hygiene
  • Less humidity on fabrics or wooden surfaces
  • No burning and no humidity stains
  • Waterproofing is maintained
  • Self - decalcifying heating element
  • Long lifetime

The Thermostar Dry Steam Cleaner System is available in 2 different versions:

  • Thermostar Avantgarde S4
  • Thermostar Professional S4

Therefore you can select the version suitable for you according to your requirements. Thus, there is the optimal solution for everyone. The Thermostar dry steam cleaner has a professional technology and yet thanks to its compact size it is still ideally suitable for domestic use.

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