• Computer Industry

    Computer industry

    "Our customers expect clever products and the highest quality from us. Our production have to work smoothly for this...

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  • Helmut Kroiss From Hofkirchen

    Helmut Kroiss from Hofkirchen

    I would like to write a few lines to you as I am very happy with your steam cleaner...

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  • Hotel in Kitzbühel, Austria

    Hotel in Kitzbühel, Austria

    “The hygienic cleanliness of our guest rooms is an absolute priority for us. You need to put yourself in the guest’s shoes. And Thermostar Dry Steam System is the best...

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  • Michael Vassios From Cologne

    Michael Vassios from Cologne

    Exactly 10 years back, I, as a young guy in the shipping business, ordered a steam cleaner that was considered as the “Mercedes” of steam cleaners at that time. I wanted to clean my own apartment at that time - as efficiently as possible and get it shining as quickly as possible...

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  • Monika M. / Housewife and Detergence

    Monika M. / Housewife and detergence

    ... is a proud Thermostar-user.

    She is happy cleaning her house easily with the Thermostar...

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